Tearing Down and Turning Over a New Leaf? Big Al’s has a New Location!

The legendary building that once was a landmark of Peoria is no more. Big Al’s started the process of being torn down February 8 at 11 a.m. Some Peorian’s feel like it’s “a part of history going away” and some feel that it is “the end of an era and time to start anew.” Big Al’s isn’t gone for good; they just opened a new facility that is nearly four-times larger, on S.W. Jefferson (around the corner from the old site).

Tear Down

The whole tear down process of this 100-year-old building is estimated to take roughly 2-3 weeks. With a brand new building will come a brand new business concept for Al Zuccarini, the club owner.

For starters, the new Big Al’s will be serving a gourmet lunch buffet weekdays from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. The nightly entertainment won’t just be for adults. Zuccarini is planning to bring comedians, contemporary Cirque du Soleil type acts, Vegas type shows plus live music giving more entertainment options to downtown Peoria.

Tear Down 3

What is going to happen to the lot where Big Al’s used to be? A Courtyard by Marriott hotel will be built in the lot and will give Peoria more premium rooms for visitors. This will significantly widen the spectrum of activities and attractions in Peoria.


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