Member Spotlight – From The Field Cooking School

If you’re looking for something new and different to do in the Peoria Area, do yourself a favor and check out From the Field Cooking School in Morton, IL.

From the Field Cooking School is culinary education center designed for the everyday person. The trained staff teaches you how to prepare great meals, cooking techniques, the science of cooking, kitchen safety and sanitation, some food history and other useful information presented in a clear, easy to understand and entertaining manner.From the Field

As Chef Owner Bill Turney points out, cooking has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember.

“From the first fried egg sandwich I made when I was a boy, through my bachelor years when I was cooking good food while my buddies survived on mac and cheese, to cooking with my new bride, to taking a cooking class for fun, to leaving a thirty year career to go back to college for a degree in culinary arts; cooking as evolved from a kid frying an egg into my life’s passion.”

And now Bill’s goal is to share that passion with everyday people in the Peoria Area. In today’s culture, most of us depend on restaurants, drive-thrus or pre-made meals that we shove in the microwave to feed ourselves. It’s just the culture we live in. Bill’s goal is to change all of that by teaching people how to take control of the food they’re putting into their bodies, one class at a time.

Did I mention that doing your own cooking saves you money? But that’s not all; Bill wants people to realize the enjoyable side of the kitchen.

As Bill says, “Cooking can be really fun—I mean it’s sharp knives, fire and good eats. What’s not to like?”

From the Field offers several different types of classes and services including:

Hands-On Classes – Students choose from dozens of topics and then do the cooking themselves, learning each step of the process during the 3-hour class. Of course, tasting your food at the end is the best part!

Demonstration Classes – Students watch and learn from a chef who prepares the food. Don’t worry. You still get to enjoy the final product when the chef is finished.

Couple’s Night – Guys, this is the perfect opportunity to earn a few extra bonus points with your significant other! Five couples prepare and enjoy their own gourmet meal together, giving each of them a fun and enjoyable experience.

Corporate Team Building – As everyone here at the PACVB learned when we held a group outing at From the Field, this is the perfect way to get employees out of the office for the day to do something fun together. Say goodbye to crazy high-ropes courses and company retreats. Go cook some food!

If you’re one of the people that is constantly looking for something new, fun and exciting, From the Field is a must-visit. Whether you’re looking to learn how to cook, entertain your significant other or create a better atmosphere with your employees, From the Field Cooking School has something for you!

To learn more about From the Field Cooking School or to view the upcoming calendar of events, use the contact information below.

Phone: (309) 263-6020
This post is part of a weekly series featuring Peoria Area Convention and Visitors Bureau member businesses.
Written By: Andrew Ketterer

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