Peoria, Illinois: An All-America City

PEORIA, IL—It’s time to be proud Peoria!

Our city was given the prestigious honor of being one of ten cities named as an “All-America City” in 2013. The National Civic League awards were presented last night in Denver, Co., where 20 finalist cities waited anxiously to hear their name called.

As if the tension wasn’t high enough, the speaker had gone through nine of the ten winners without naming Peoria, Ill. As he opened the final all americanenvelope he mentioned a city who has transformed their downtown, a city that has invested in healthcare and a city that has an extremely driven youth organization.

The anticipation continued to rise as the speaker proclaimed, “The All-America City of Peoria, Illinois!”

After many hoots, hollers and cheers, the Young Professional’s Organization of Greater Peoria and other members of the presentation group enthusiastically took to the stage to accept the prestigious award.

Peoria also claimed two more honors last evening. First, the city received the award for best video story for their unique submission focused on the people of Peoria singing “Forever Young” by Rod Stewart. Ethan Mosher, member of the ELITE program, also won the All-America Youth Award.

The members of the presenting group were in Denver throughout the weekend, taking part in different activities and competitions leading up to the awards ceremony. One of the highlight moments was the presentation given to the panel of judges, where representatives explained what a “Block” could do for a city.

The presentation was great, but musicians from Carl Cannon’s ELITE program stole the show, as they drummed their way into the presentation, setting the tone for the next 20 minutes. There’s no question that the judges panel was blown away by the entire Peoria presentation. A standing ovation was given as the group exited the stage; the only ovation of the evening.

For a look at the entire presentation, see the video below.

Again, it’s time to celebrate our city. Be proud Peoria.


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Written By: Andrew Ketterer


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