From The Field Cooking School – Kaci’s Places to Play in Peoria

If you’re looking for a “place to cook up a good time,” our own Kaci Osborne gladly gives From the Field Cooking School her stamp of approval.

This culinary education center in Morton is designed to accommodate the everyday person. Their goal is to share their passion for food with visitors and to teach them how to take control of what they’re putting into their bodies, one class at a time.

From the Field offers public classes that anyone can sign up for online, along with private classes, corporate team building outings, catering events, and more. The public classes offer a myriad of different themes and topics ranging from Italian to Chinese. Basically, anything type of food you can think of can be turned into a class, as long as it sounds interesting and makes others want to participate.

“The neat thing about our private classes is that you can structure them however you want,” says Chef Bill Turney, owner of From the Field Cooking School. “We don’t really have packages. We just say, ‘What do you want to do? What do you want to eat? What do you want to see?’”

CVB Cooks

Our staff enjoying the team building experience provided at From the Field Cooking School in Morton, IL.

At the beginning of each class, the staff briefly walks the students through a quick discussion on how the class works, the recipes they’ll use and kitchen safety. After this, they “turn them (students) loose!” Turney says, “They cook all the dishes. What I do is basically make sure everybody is on track. I explain things to them. I give little teaching sessions. But they do most of the work themselves.”

For larger groups, Turney strongly believes that the school’s corporate team building events can help employees “interact on a social basis.” The dishes cooked during these sessions provide students with an opportunity to work together.

From the Field Cooking School offers visitors a hands-on experience in a facility that cannot be matched. This culinary school allows its students to do the cooking themselves in a fun and relaxed environment.

“No matter what your event size, be it a large group or a date night, From the Field Cooking School promises to help you cook up a good time!” – Kaci Osborne

For details on upcoming classes and events, visit From the Field’s Calendar of Events page.

This is part of Kaci’s Places to Play in Peoria YouTube series. Please check out the Peoria Area CVB Media Page for more videos from Kaci!

Written By: Andrew Ketterer


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