The Main Statement – Help Celebrate 1 Year

Written By: Andrew Ketterer


It’s always encouraging to see the growth of Peoria’s local shops and businesses that have committed to providing a unique and interesting experience specific to the region. There’s no question that the Peoria Area has an appeal to visitors from throughout the world and it’s these locally owned businesses that maintain Peoria’s local charm.

The Main Statement is one of these businesses and they’re extremely excited to announce their one year anniversary this weekend! Owners Matt and Danielle Colgan are opening their doors on August 2-3 to celebrate this milestone with the community that has made all of this possible.

The open house celebration will run from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday. Refreshments and exciting surprises are in store for customers who decide to help them commemorate the past year.

Just a few blocks east of the Bradley University campus, The Main Statement features locally handcrafted jewelry, art, funky furniture, candles, cards and more. The Colgans are proud to say that they work with over 85 unique and interesting artists and their work, which happens to cover all corners of this colorful boutique.


Peoria is the focus at this local boutique. “We have a passion for Peoria that may seem bizarre to some, but we want to see her prosper and grow,” says the Colgans. And their local shop is certainly making its presence known, while showing off what Peoria has to offer! All you have to do is ask a few of their customers.

“So happy I had a chance to go to The Main Statement today with my sister-in-law! I LOVE this place, and your merchandise is awesome! So creative!” says frequent customer Chris Ardis.

The Main Statement is just the type of experience that the Peoria Area needs. An interesting, exciting and local boutique that offers residents and visitors a place to see just a small slice of the talent that the area has to offer!

So help The Main Statement celebrate its one-year anniversary by stopping by and saying hello!

“Find your Statement, and make it your own! Shop Local. Have fun! Think Original. Be Authentic… The Main Statement.”


Here’s a quick video that was shot a few months ago for an episode of Kaci’s Places to Play in Peoria. Check it out!

Written By: Andrew Ketterer


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