HARD CHARGE: Televised Obstacle Mission

Written By: Andrew Ketterer

On Saturday, September 28, HARD CHARGE is heading to Peoria, Ill. The event includes more than 20 challenging obstacles spread over four to five miles of terrain at Three Sisters Park. Contestants will be crawling through mud, ducking for cover and scaling walls! When all of the participants finish up their HARD work, an awesome post-race party is waiting!


The timed and televised CHARGE for Glory heats begins at 8:30 a.m. If you’d like to go at your own pace, the CHARGE for Fun heats start at 9:40 a.m.

For additional registration information, click HERE.



In order to fully prepare all of you for what HARD CHARGE is bringing to Peoria, I’ve listed the obstacles on the course below, along with a short description of each. Check it out!

  1. Start Line
  2. Kick the Tires – Run through a maze of tires
  3. Back Scratcher – Crawl through a mud pit underneath barbwire
  4. Back Scratcher (continued) – Jump the barrelsBACKSCRATCHER
  5. Iron Will – Climb over and crawl under logs
  6. Black Hole – Crawl through a 25-foot black tunnelBLACKHOLE
  7. Cargo Charge – Climb a twelve-foot cargo net
  8. Iron Will 2 – Climb over and crawl under logs
  9. Knee-Knocker – Climb over 5 walls
  10. Cargo Construction – Run beneath a heavy cargo net
  11. Stormin’ the Desert – Find a way through the sandstorm
  12. Blockade Barrage – Climb over three walls of increasing height
  13. Knee-Knocker 2 – Climb over 5 walls
  14. Trip Wire – Just keep your legs up!
  15. Angled Ambush – Overcome a steep wall with a rope
  16. Muddy Mission – Crawl, walk or swim through the mud pitMUDDYMISSION
  17. No Holds Barred – Cross monkey bars over a mud pit
  18. Deep Freeze – Swim across an icy bath
  19. Jalopy Justice – Jump and run through a path of cars
  20. Amusement Park – 150 yards and 5 obstacles to push your limits

Now, if you think you’re tough enough to survive all of that, you’ll enjoy the CHARGER Village for the post-race party. For those 21 and older, the hard work pays off with a well-deserved FREE beer!

Are you tough enough for HARD CHARGE Peoria?


Written By: Andrew Ketterer

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