Kaci’s Places to Play in Peoria: JDraper Glass Studio

Written By: Andrew Ketterer

On this episode of Kaci’s Places to Play, Kaci takes a trip to JDraper Glass Studio to try her hand at blowing glass and to learn about the classes and group activities that are available at this one-of-a-kind studio.


To kick off the visit, Kaci talked with Jeremie Draper, owner and artist, and Misty Long, Jeremie’s assistant about what groups can expect when visiting the studio.

“When a group comes into the studio, they can expect an awesome, entertaining event where they’ll never see anything like this again,” says Jeremie.

1606871_454476714651885_1189974405_nJeremie and Misty provide demonstrations for visitors that include pulling hot and gooey glass that is at over 200 degrees and sculpting it into something creative and special. They also offer several different classes that range from one-time classes for $65 to a four-week class for $300.

JDraper Glass opened just four months ago at Studios on Sheridan, which features 15-working artists, two rotating galleries and even three retail stores. Visitors can come to the studios, view a demonstration or two, and then get some shopping done!

Kaci says it best, “You guys have got to come check this out for your next corporate getaway, four a group tour, or for a birthday. You will have a great time! Guaranteed!”


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